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DD: Sahaja Redstone by bunny-hun
DD: Sahaja Redstone
Current Wind Guardian Instructor,
Aids Raphael, Juli and the first Guardian in teaching new potentials with a Wind Patron.
Also assists in the Chamber of Divination.

Sahaja Redstone
Gender: Female
Height/Weight:  5'11" / 160 lbs
Age:  418 / 18 November 1615
Wizard: Ralphael Redstone

_____Main Patron Spirits and Information_____

Base Element: Wind

[First Spirit]
Name: Mohan
Element: Wind

Light and flighty (haha) Mohan is the definition of quickness and speed. Giving Sahaja powerful but lightning fast help whenever she needs it, he is the best for fast actions and loves helping with her bow and arrow work.

[Second Spirit]
Name: Ruud
Element: Fire

Though not always as warm and fuzzy as he appears Ruud is quite the character and will guide Sahaja whenever she needs it. Blunt and to the pointe this patron spirit will give Sahaja a good kick when she needs it and an extra firey boost to attacks.

[Third Spirit]
Name: Shi
Element: Water

Soft spoken and free flowing Shi is one of Sahaja's more pleasent spirits, being light and peacefull as a lily. Shi has helped Sahaja on more then one occasion with her navigation and steering through difficult storms.

[Fourth Spirit]
Name:  Baadur
Element: Earth

A hard-headed patron, Baadur almost went unnoticed to Sahaja until the blasted thing started speaking to her. Willing to take a beating this patron spirit enjoys blending in with his surroundings and eavesdrop on who or whatever is around.

[Fifth Spirit]
Name: Liora
Element: Light

Liora is Sahaja's sweet light spirit. Though she is older in her ways and gifts of magic, Liora is a wonderful and helpful patron spirit. With most of her contained within her shell she has taken damage from previous engagements, so even if she seems old and dusty, her bright light still shines through the cracks.

Personal Information

Much like her patron element, Sahaja is a free roaming woman who enjoys travel and exploration, making her a perfect fit to her equally curious husband, Rapheal. However, unlike her husband, Sahaja has been trained and honed her skills beneath Johan Redstone, making her far more grounded than he- particularly in battle. While she appears relaxed, and carefree, she's a ferocious menace on the battefield. Particularly from a distance.
As she's grown older and world weary, some days the traveling woman enjoys staying still for some time. Becoming a mother has only enhanced this, and she has become more motherly towards younger children. Though she isn't above teasing her older children, especially when their good looking mom enjoys flirting with pretty men in front of them. (Her heart only belongs to her family, though.)

History: Born in 1615 during the Mughal Empire in India, a powerful empire that spread through mos of the South Asian continent at the time, to a fisherman and his wife. She was one of many, and one of the few to survive past the age of ten. Her parents, as many did in the time, planned for Sahaja and her sister's futures. Marriages were planned, and dowrys set to pay. Then, a terrible storm took away Sahaja's father and the dowrys were needed to pay for the funeral expenses as well as feeding Sahaja and family.

Being the elder of her sistes, Sahaja took on her father's job despite her gender and found herself on the fishing boats, working to pay off a steady debt he had gained while bartering with his fellow shipmates. It was difficult, but after gaining the men's respect for her resourcefulness and hard work, they were more apt to helping her learn tricks with various weapons- her favorite being the bow and arrow. Hunting and traveling became something Sahaja enjoyed immensely, and she fell in love with the sights and adventure that came with it. Of course being away so frequently quickly lost her suitors, but eventually Sahaja managed to gain enough money to pay the dowry for her sister's wedding, and with pride, saw her married to a man she knew personally from the shipyard.

It was shortly after turning twenty two, an impossible age for an unmarried woman, when she met her first wizard. Stranded on a small island off the shore of one of their fishing villages, a strange man was found, thirsty and grinning. He introduced himself as a traveler, and had apparently been tossed off the boat he'd been traveling upon. The gods saw it fit he should wash ashore, and meet such a beauty. Sahaja was amused by his obvious flirting, and took the man back to her village and to her home to clean up and rest.

He was a bit older, and obviously from another land, though he spoke the language easily enough. And the stories he told about places even farther than she had seen only enticed the young woman's imagination! To see places such as these would be a dream... and Sahaja, well, she was no dreamer. She was a doer. Leaving behind a small cash amount for her mother, Sahaja left India behind to travel with the strange man named Rapheal. He showed her sights even grander than the stories he told, and his company both amused and pleased her. Eventually secrets could no longer be hidden, and the two were attacked at sea by a great beast and later by armored men with an obvious agenda.

Sahaja demanded answers, and was told she may not believe it. She almost didn't, until she met his spirits and witnessed the power for herself. The girls' thirst for adventure only made this man all the more exciting, and within a few years of having met him, Sahaja married into the Redstone family and birthed their first daughter, Edna.

Mikael, Alladin and Dipti would all follow after, and while she enjoyed living at the house with the eccentric Redstones she'd grown to call family, she still thirsted for adventure. Training under the powerful Johan and becoming a Guardian helped sate this for some time, but soon enoug she and her new husband were on the road again, and seeing the world and how much it had changed throughout the course of time. They visited now and again, and stayed for some time before the wind and the world calls to them once more.


Currently Sahaja has three young children living at Dulcedomum: Hayder, Gil and Jaqueline. Hayder eight, while Gil and Jaqueline are both five.
Sahaja is an expert at the bow and arrow, as well as manning a ship, and navigating throughout the world even before her days as a wind guardian.
Enjoys teasing her grown up boys. They don't always appreciate having a mom that appears much younger than they.


United States
Current Residence: hiding in the castle of Hell
Favourite genre of music: im open to all
MP3 player of choice: ipod~
So! Like many of you know (if your from Dulce) the mod team went to Florida for the week to go to MegaCon and other awesome venues. Sorry I've been dead for awhile before that, work, school and life were getting a little hectic. Also sorry for not being on alot/at all this week, trying to catch up with week and friends here at home. A bit of sad news, my grandfather passed away earlier today, so even though I've only been home for about a week I'll be heading back out again, probably for another week for visitation and the funeral and seeing other family members. He passed peacefully in his sleep, so that's a good thing, surrounded by family and friends. He lived an awesome life of 94 years, shared with his wife, three children, five grandkids, and even two great-grand children. I'm sad I wasn't there to see him and a little mad he couldn't hold out till I moved there, but it was his time to go and I'm at peace with that. So see you guys in about another week give or take and thanks for any condolences you guys have, I'll try to check on every now and then while I'm gone.

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