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DD: CC: Jellymaid Faith by bunny-hun
DD: CC: Jellymaid Faith
Faith seems to have taken to the water quite well, she's also enjoys the long windy tentacles she has acquired.

JEEEEEZUS, this took forever. BUT HERE YA GO!

Chat Challenger for Dulce!~ Make your character a mermaid. I wanted something different then a regular meeeer-maid, so I went with a jellyfish.
Also tried my hand with a set color palette, hard, but fun!

Asking for: :bulletgreen: Tarot Card, :bulletgreen: Witch Hazel, :bulletgreen: Feather, :bulletgreen: Crystal, and/or :bulletgreen: Egg
DD: New Hair Day by bunny-hun
DD: New Hair Day
♦ Holy spirits, what is wrong with your hair!? Come here, sit, I'm going to give you a proper haircut. Don't fidget now, you don't want me cutting off more then I intend, trust me when I say you don't want chunks of hair missing. I would know. -Blaise 

WHELP! Faith got a new hair cut, but Blaise banned any mirrors in the room so she couldn't see her new do till it was finished. Needless to say she loves it, it'll just take some getting used to. (New apps best time for new hair cuts lolol, was going to do this anyway but whoo~)

Paying with :bulletred: Demon Lipgloss
Would like any of the following :bulletgreen: Tarot Card, :bulletgreen: Dogwood, :bulletgreen: Witch Hazel, :bulletgreen: Cat's Eye
DD: Faith Bludworth by bunny-hun
DD: Faith Bludworth
Name:Faith Bludworth
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'7", 140 lbs
Age: 24 years old. October, 19th, 2008 (Ninth Generation)
Wizard Parent: 
Felix Bludworth (Eighth Generation)
Her father Felix was an air wizard, who had trained at Dulce himself before moving on to travel the world and learn different things, mostly sound and music. Felix married a human woman named Vanessa and decided to settle down to have a family, still keeping his spirits and telling his wife and daughter about the world of magic and spirits. He didn't expect Faith to be a wizard, but wanted her to know about the world if she ever did show powers or form a pact, even taking her on visits to Dulce when the house was close enough.

Spirit Information

[Base Element] Air

[First Spirit]
Name: Bacchus
Element: Air
An adorably sweet air spirit with the appearance of an overly fluffy puppy. Just like a puppy he is excitable and over-protective if he feels Faith is being threatened. Tends to get in the way a lot and loves to play. If you feel an extreme rush of air going past you, it's probably Bacchus running around.

Spell 1: Tune of Control 
Level 1: Faith sings a sweetly powerful tune to charm anyone listening into attacking for her. The spell lasts for only 5 minutes before the listeners regain control of themselves. Only works on people at or below Faith's level, cannot be used on anyone at a stronger level than her, and can only be used on people and monsters.

Level 2: Faith sings a strong-minded tune that charms anyone listening into attacking for her. The spell now lasts up to 15 minutes before wearing off. Only works on people at or below Faith's level, cannot be used on anyone at a stronger level than her, and can only be used on people and monsters.

Level 3: Faith sings an enragingly powerful tune that charms anyone listening into attacking for her. The spell now lasts up to 30 minutes before she loses control. Only works on people at or below Faith's level, cannot be used on anyone at a stronger level than her, and can only be used on people and monsters.


Personal Information

Faith is known for being a motherly/big-sister type of person, caring for/listening to people and making sure they're ok is a big thing in her book. While she does her best to make sure everyone is good, she doesn't often show her 'real' face to people. Trying to be a good person, and 'being' a good person to help get her something later are very different. She is a manipulative person, though doesn't show it, not wanting people to believe her weak or useless.

Faith had a pretty decent life before moving into Dulcedumom. Her parents lived out in the mid-west, so she had a bit of country and a bit of city around to keep her busy. The subject she loved the most was music and would always do her best in choir/chorus class. Faith was very popular and well liked at school, and kept her face up, though she never really connected with anyone. Sometimes, when her father would take her to Dulce on trips, she'd get to meet up with her (distant) cousin Michelle, the two loving to visit the magical house.

One day Faith was outside singing to herself while picking flowers for her mom. While picking flowers she heard a strange noise and stopped singing, only to find Bacchus in between the flowers, grinning at her from her voice. Faith enjoyed the spirit's presence and they decided to form a pact, both enjoying the others company. She couldn't believe she was a wizard, having made a pact with a spirit, and even an air spirit at that! She was so excited she told her dad all about it and was so excited that he would teach her all about being a wizard. Sadly Felix didn't think that the best and Faith was sent off to Dulce.

Misc Info:
Faith loves music. Singing, dancing, swaying, humming, whistling, anything related to music she enjoys.
Likes soft, flowy, pretty things.
Has visited Dulce before when she was younger, along with Michelle.


United States
Current Residence: hiding in the castle of Hell
Favourite genre of music: im open to all
MP3 player of choice: ipod~
So! Like many of you know (if your from Dulce) the mod team went to Florida for the week to go to MegaCon and other awesome venues. Sorry I've been dead for awhile before that, work, school and life were getting a little hectic. Also sorry for not being on alot/at all this week, trying to catch up with week and friends here at home. A bit of sad news, my grandfather passed away earlier today, so even though I've only been home for about a week I'll be heading back out again, probably for another week for visitation and the funeral and seeing other family members. He passed peacefully in his sleep, so that's a good thing, surrounded by family and friends. He lived an awesome life of 94 years, shared with his wife, three children, five grandkids, and even two great-grand children. I'm sad I wasn't there to see him and a little mad he couldn't hold out till I moved there, but it was his time to go and I'm at peace with that. So see you guys in about another week give or take and thanks for any condolences you guys have, I'll try to check on every now and then while I'm gone.

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