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Shard: Costume (mischief meme) by bunny-hun
Shard: Costume (mischief meme)
WHELP! Here it is lol. Darren in ...idk, canon current Saiyan armor? lol But yeah, his costume is from DBZ. I wanted to try some cell shading from the show to see how it worked, still getting a feeling for shading.
The bg is pulled from a picture of Planet Vegeta (where all saiyans are from whooo) to make it look extra cool/not have so much white space.

Shard - Bday Darren by bunny-hun
Shard - Bday Darren
Looks like the roomies got into some stuff to try and celebrate Darren's birthday for him. Not that he really cared, but it was nice to have people make a fush over him for a bit...though he doesn't really understand why the tie was required to be on his head for the festivities.
SHARD|Darren by bunny-hun
:iconkinghush: pointed me to this awesome looking group :icons-h-a-r-d:. Finally got my app done so hope this works out.


Name: Darren Kong



 6'5", 180 lbs (198 cm/ 82kg)

 Friendly | Polite | Follows Orders | Stubborn | Somewhat of a Push Over

 Darren grew up in a modest home, his mother and father both worked and he went to school, nothing eventful ever happened and nothing bad happened, it was just a bland existance for him. His mother was home more often then his father, always making sure Darren did well in school and was always cared for. She would always tell him how the galaxies kissed his body and blessed him with their stars, a cute way for him to be less insecrue about his freckles as he was growing up. When he had his awakening everyone was extrememly surprised, not having had anyone on either sides of the family become Astrum. When the higher ups finally came to take him in for training his mother sent him off with a kiss and a prayer that he protect everyone he could and to bring back the stars he was blessed with.


DEF: 5
AGI: 2
ACC: 3

RANK: Defense Recruit

Squad/Partner: Auriga Squad

Shard Skill Tree: Attack
    Achromatic Burst
        -DPS attack that does 10% damage for 2 turns. Can be blocked with a shield.
        -Cooldown: three turns
Urania’s Chains
- Five second burst effect that temporarily breaks the Reflector Wave shield buff.
- Cooldown: two turns.

Elemental Skill: Earth
Tier One</u></b>
    +1 Stat to action
    •  Able to strengthen weapon or projectiles from weapon during action
    •  1/10 of power when not wielded by weapon 
    (i.e.: making seeds sprout successfully)

Side effects: Body feels like it’s cracking. Movements become sluggish as if bones are stiffening and hardening. Feet feel rooted to the ground. Extreme fatigue due to heavy limbs.


United States
Current Residence: hiding in the castle of Hell
Favourite genre of music: im open to all
MP3 player of choice: ipod~
So! Like many of you know (if your from Dulce) the mod team went to Florida for the week to go to MegaCon and other awesome venues. Sorry I've been dead for awhile before that, work, school and life were getting a little hectic. Also sorry for not being on alot/at all this week, trying to catch up with week and friends here at home. A bit of sad news, my grandfather passed away earlier today, so even though I've only been home for about a week I'll be heading back out again, probably for another week for visitation and the funeral and seeing other family members. He passed peacefully in his sleep, so that's a good thing, surrounded by family and friends. He lived an awesome life of 94 years, shared with his wife, three children, five grandkids, and even two great-grand children. I'm sad I wasn't there to see him and a little mad he couldn't hold out till I moved there, but it was his time to go and I'm at peace with that. So see you guys in about another week give or take and thanks for any condolences you guys have, I'll try to check on every now and then while I'm gone.

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